And So It Begins…

Welcome! If you are here, great. You’re very early to the party. I’ve barely had time to clean up.

I am, by nature, a creator. I have a weird job history, from live theatre (with an “re” at the end, so you know it’s fancy) working as a stage actor and playwright to working in finance (up to and including a stint in anti-money laundering that will likely haunt me to my grave) to my current career, working in logistics for a popular (and justifiably so) miniatures company.

What you don’t see on there is “game designer”, despite having been interested in design and passionate about gaming since I was very young. I have never run a Kickstarter and the major exposure I have to the industry (outside my day job in logistics and warehousing) is pouring over loads of books on design theory, essays, etc.

(I am going to make a point to link to a different source every time I post, and for starters, I cannot recommend the Kobold Guide to Board Game Design highly enough. It won’t tell you the whole journey, but it will certainly get you started on your path.)

How does one become a Game Designer, with capital letters at the beginning of each word and everything? Well… I probably don’t know much more than you. I may know far less. That’s what we’re here for.

Because I love games, and I think I have some games in me that I want you to love, too.

Of course, that does YOU no good at all. But I worry that there are great games out there inside many of you that may never come out because you’re scared to take a shot. So I’m going to take a shot, right here where everyone can see. A cringe-inducing, error-laden shot at conceiving, designing, building and eventually publishing my own game.

Starting from scratch. Well, not TOTALLY from scratch, because like many of you, I’ve spent years daydreaming and couch-designing games I would love to play, but in terms of first steps, this is the gauntlet-on-the-ground, first-step moment. And I’d like all of you along with me, helping or being helped, so that someday the world will get to see your game, too.

So I guess let’s get to work, yeah?

Published by ashermhart

I work at an amazing miniatures company during the day, and try to unravel the mysteries of game design for the rest of us plebians at night.

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